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Mike Breeding manufactures our reproduction parts. Castings of original Vincent parts are made using the lost wax, hard ceramic mold process. He uses 4140 chromoly steel and bronze in production. Most steel castings are heat treated to Rockwell 40C hardness for strength and durability. Please call for pricing and availability.

This section is under construction, new items will be added on a regular basis.

Front (ET32/3) Carb Adapter

For use with Shadow AMAL Carbs. Front, 1-1/8", raised part numbers, bronze.


Tools, all cast steel with Rockwell 40C hardness.

K5 - 3/16"x1/4" OPEN SPANNER - Jenbro Brand.

K6 - 1/4"x5/16" OPEN SPANNER - Jenbro Brand.

K7 - 5/16"x3/8" OPEN SPANNER - Jenbro Brand.

K8 - 3/8"x7/16" OPEN SPANNER - Jenbro Brand.

K8A - 7/16"x1/2" OPEN SPANNER - Jenbro Brand (big wrench). Not originally in the tool kit. I like 2 of the 7/16"W and a 1/2"W when I'm riding.

K19C - 1/8" BSW OPEN SPANNER - Carbon Brand. Also has 3/16 BSF in raised characters.

K19E - 2 BA OPEN SPANNER - EAGLE BRAND. Also has 3/16 BSF in slightly raised characters.







K19E K19E

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